The Ketosis Zone: 5 Signs you’re on the Right Path

Looking for an easy way to tell that you’re in Ketosis? This blog will break down 5 signs that your body is entering… The Ketosis Zone!


5. Your Breath Smells Different

A common side effect for people on the Keto Diet is to experience a difference in the smell of their breath. People report a “fruity smell” on their breath, which is caused by elevated levels of acetone. A by-product of elevated ketones levels in the body. 


4. Fat Loss

This one feels a little obvious, but it’s a good indicator to track in a journal or on an app. Keto Diets have been shown to lead to short- and long-term fat loss, as seen in research published by the National Library of Medicine. By tracking your progress daily or weekly, you will gain an idea of if your body has reached ketosis.


3. Suppressed Appetite

Many followers of the Keto Diet report having a suppressed appetite. This is unique since most diets rely on restricting your caloric intake, which can lead to increased hunger and a higher chance of relapsing on your diet.


2. Increased Energy & Focus

Another standout trait of the Keto Diet has reported increases in energy and focus. While other diets focus on restricting your caloric intake, which can lead to less energy, the Keto Diet seems to have the opposite effect. This could be due to the fact that while in Ketosis, your body begins using Ketones as a fuel source instead of glucose.


1. Increased Ketone Levels in Blood

If you’re more of the analytical type, you might enjoy using at-home testing kits to determine when you’re in Ketosis. While more expensive, these tests can give you a more accurate idea of your Ketone levels. Several tests exist, including blood, urine, and breath tests.


Bottom Line

If you’re following the Keto Diet consistently, chances are your body is entering Ketosis. With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to track one or more of these signs to get a more accurate idea of exactly when you’re in Ketosis. Just remember — 70-80% Fat, 5-10% Carbohydrates, and 10-20% Protein.

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